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Not That Ordinary

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The other day some colleagues and I were discussing the challenge of green washing and the difficulties consumers face when they are trying to determine if a brand is genuine in their sustainability efforts or not. As we discussed the different schemes and pledges that businesses can affiliate with to demonstrate their sustainability the one brand that came to my mind as an example of good practice was The Ordinary. For those that don’t know The Ordinary has been taking… Read More »Not That Ordinary

Ducks in the Debris

Plastic Pollution in my Local Lake I know that plastic has been a issue for a while, but I recently saw a stark reminder of how much our disposable culture affects the environment. On a recent visit to the park for a change of scenery and a bit of fresh air, I noticed some plastic bags in the water – not far from the ducks I was admiring. There was something very unsettling about seeing these animals swim among debris,… Read More »Ducks in the Debris

natural deodorant

What do Natural Deodorant and Electric Vehicles Have in Common?

A few months ago I took another leap of faith into the world of natural deodorants. I say ‘another’ because I’ve tried this leap a few times before but always backpedalled to my ‘normal’ deodorant before long. I’ve tried the deodorant crystal that you wet before applying. While it was cute and made me feel very earthy, I found it too fiddly to incorporate into my daily routine. Plus, I never had complete faith in its ability and subsequently never… Read More »What do Natural Deodorant and Electric Vehicles Have in Common?