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Lambeth Council’s Kerbside Strategy Launch

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On 31 January, 2023 I was invited to take part in the launch of the Lambeth’s Kerbside Strategy at Lambeth Town Hall. The Kerbside Strategy is comprised of four priorities which are designed to improve the overall environment – socially and environmentally: Priority 1 – enable accessible and active travel Priority 2 – create social spaces Priority 3 – increase climate resilience Priority 4 – reduce traffic and emissions The launch started with a word from Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, before… Read More »Lambeth Council’s Kerbside Strategy Launch

natural deodorant

What do Natural Deodorant and Electric Vehicles Have in Common?

A few months ago I took another leap of faith into the world of natural deodorants. I say ‘another’ because I’ve tried this leap a few times before but always backpedalled to my ‘normal’ deodorant before long. I’ve tried the deodorant crystal that you wet before applying. While it was cute and made me feel very earthy, I found it too fiddly to incorporate into my daily routine. Plus, I never had complete faith in its ability and subsequently never… Read More »What do Natural Deodorant and Electric Vehicles Have in Common?

Oxford EV Summit

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I was more than halfway through my first year as  PhD student when I attended this conference and felt certain that I had my research in the bag. The Summit was held in a great location at Oxford University, the speakers were interesting and covered a broad variety of EV related topics and the conference organisers made networking a priority with regular networking breaks and networking facilitators to help you locate people you were hoping to speak to. There were… Read More »Oxford EV Summit