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Railton Road Street Furniture Co-Design

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In May 2022, I had the privilege of facilitating 4 co-design sessions for street furniture on Railton and Atlantic roads in Lambeth. The project brief was simple – design and build seating and cycle parking stands for Railton Road. The non-negotiables were that the designs needed to be informed by local people and the end product needed to be delivered by a local business. For Lambeth Council this wasn’t simply about installing a couple of seats, this was about providing… Read More »Railton Road Street Furniture Co-Design

Oxford EV Summit

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I was more than halfway through my first year as  PhD student when I attended this conference and felt certain that I had my research in the bag. The Summit was held in a great location at Oxford University, the speakers were interesting and covered a broad variety of EV related topics and the conference organisers made networking a priority with regular networking breaks and networking facilitators to help you locate people you were hoping to speak to. There were… Read More »Oxford EV Summit

Three Minute Thesis 2018

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After spending months working on a registration document and various papers which require me tease concepts out of the combination of multiple papers I was presented with the challenge of participating in the Three Minute Thesis competition and I took it. Founded by the University of Queensland, the Three Minute Thesis requires participants to explain their research, in layman’s terms, in three minutes. You can only use one slide and your timer starts as soon as open your mouth. This… Read More »Three Minute Thesis 2018